A heart blessing and our second Roskilde earth healing group

As I walked up to Lovise kilde, for our second earth group, I could see colours and textures through the branches of the tree, people were already waiting! I felt an excited thrill run through me, what joy to be doing this work!
We came together as a group, tuning into the land, and each other. Sitting down, we talked together. We noted that the water in the top 3 ponds in the park - which we worked with in our first group, had become clear and healthy again. Whether the kommune has cleared it or not, we can't know, but it was good to see!!
The flowers in the picture above are from springtime, and from the place where we were sitting today, next to the hawthorne tree. There are 3 hawthornes (trees) around Lovise kilde, and one of them has come forward to me, as a sponsor for the earth healing group. This means that it will lend it's energy, protection, wisdom and guidance to the group. Hawthorne's are very magickal trees, and good to make friends with!!
Our goal for the group today, was to keep building our relationship with the land, so we can get to know each other better, and also that the land can know we have sincere and honest intentions. It's been a long time since people understood the land, in the way that we are working with it, and were present to it, physically and with the whole of their beings, (including their spiritual and psychic facilities). So we had the intention to connect to our heart centres, and then to the land.
I spoke about how the water coming out of klosterkilden is so pure and lovely, and yet the ponds in the park have some real energy issues going on. I talked about the missing divine feminine energy from our society that is coming back now, but still has a way to go, and so the imbalances in our society are also present in the land that we live on.
We started with connecting with the St. Maria spring (klosterkilden), and the energy here was just beautiful. It has a very heart connecting energy. And we collected some of the water.
Afterwards we went down to a grove of beeches, and let loose a little! Filling our hearts with that beautiful energy at the spring, made it possible to let go of some of the 'crap'! The beeches stood and held the space for us to do this, as they protected, supported and cared for us. We were held - thank you beeches!!
In our third spot, we sat by the lower 3 ponds in Folkepark, so we could bring together the things we had worked with. We sat and put our love and blessings into the spring water we had collected. The place where we sat, has an energy spiral, and I talked about planting one of the crystals that have been given to me, already implanted with the energy of hope. We planted this at the beginning of the spiral. It was very magickal. After it felt like the spiral had expanded out, and grown!
To end the group, we took the blessed water to the top of the (lower) 3 ponds, (they have become 'diseased water', smelling bad and full of unpleasant looking weed - as the top 3 ponds were before), and poured it in (and then the water will flow on down to the other 2.)
We'll meet again 7. juli, kl.9-11, with the venue being announced using an event on https://www.facebook.com/sacredspringsofroskilde/
Blessed be!


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