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Why the land wants you to do a winter Solstice ceremony!

This year I resolved to do a solstice ceremony. I always mean to, and occasionally I manage to light a candle on the solstices or the equinox and mutter a few words or so - but if I'm completely honest, I know it's a bit lacking and more me 'mouthing' a ritual rather than doing anything meaningful. So this year, I do what always works best for me, and I asked as many people as I could (on facebook), if they would like to come to Byparken in Roskilde, Denmark (where I live) and join with some singing and meditation to celebrate the return of the sun. Now, I like to sing, and something happens when I sing sacred songs with a group of people, that doesn't happen when I'm at home singing them to myself! So, also where possible I like to gather a captive audience so I can sing something to them, and see what happens!! This year, I sang 'Long night, dark of the sun' (which you can find on youtube, it sounds great with a drum, and these kind of slightly

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