The Healing Walk

'Spirit' reminded me recently that I haven't done 'the healing walk' that I've included in the Sacred Springs guide that I've written. I was a bit surprised when I realized this, (I've done lots of other healing work with the springs, honest!!) but I guess we all do things when we're ready to, huh?!!
In the healing walk, we can ask for some change in our lives, whether it's releasing an old habit, or asking for help with an illness(the full description is in the guide, and how to do the walk)
 I start at Gertrud's kilde, and decide to work with the Menieres diagnosis that I have, I got this diagnosis early this year, after having attacks for 2 years, and I've lived in Denmark for just over 4 years...
anyway - this kilde is a good place to start; it has a depth to it, where you can take a breath, and be with the difficult stuff. You know what I mean, right?!!

I ask 'I'd like to let go of the condition that created the Menieres', and in that moment, I can feel a huge wad of heaviness around my heart centre, HUGE - even if it's possible, even if I never had another Menieres attack again (it's horrible, believe me) - what about the hearing damage I've sustained?
I'd really like that part of me that has the Menieres to die and be reborn as something better. I know, I know, it doesn't sound very 'spiritual' to say this, but in this moment, I am quite pissed off! - this is how I honestly feel, so there it is.

I take some of the water on my hands and hold them over my heart centre, oh yes, breathe that energy in! I spend some moments looking into the water, feeling the energy.
Then I walk over to Lovise kilde, which is across the road in Folkeparken... as I'm going through my favourite beech grove, I hear a crack and a small branch falls off the tree and lands very exactly in front of my foot!! I'm not supposed to ignore this one!! I pick up the beech, and keep walking, it feels like I'm no longer walking alone, and that the energy of beech is lending me it's support... As I walk I start to feel all the stress there has been  of 'not knowing' (since June 2016) if I can carry on living in Denmark after March 2019 because of Brexit. Also all the stress of Benji our 5 year old, having had many problems in school and børnehave.

At Lovisekilde, I ask the spring to help me. It feels as if the springs deva is surrounding me with her aura and is cloaking me in it. It feels so comforting and soothing.
I put the branch in the water to help me release the accumulated stress, and do the breathing and healing energy exercises that are given in the spring walk.
I feel like I've let go of ALOT of stress, maybe not all, but a big big pile...

 Later on at home, I find some information about beech trees, it feels like it's saying that I could only learn what I needed to through these experiences I've had...

The Green Man Tree Oracle 
by John Matthews & Will Worthington

Beech can signify the death or end of something, but also stands for the changes that arise through realization. Since its gift is the relevance of experience, the presence of Beech suggests you should cross the threshold that is challenging you, gain experience from the unknown, seek revelation and increase your knowledge. OK!

....I really liked these leaves that are creating their own mini waterfall - so pretty!

One of the hawthorns that surround Lovisekilde - wise guardians they are...

As I head over to Klosterkilden next, I notice that the dull ache around my heart, feels more like a pain....

This is one of my favourite favourite springs, (but really they're all my favourites!!) The one where the water is coming out of the tap (above left), has a bubbly, enlivening energy, very Mary Magdalene/ Sophia energy, and the 'sacred pool' (above right), is Mother Mary as matriarch/ Siege, deep, dark, silent and mysterious...

At Klosterkilde, I'm thinking about my family - we have some autism & ADHD like things going on, especially with the boys. It's looking likely that Benji will get some kind of diagnosis. We've just started the process a few days ago with the school psychologist to get Benji assessed by a psychiatrist. 
...Then I get a thought about how I spend alot of time thinking everyone else but me. It's true I do. (OK, I know this is a serious thing with Benji but I'm seeing a pattern here...) I used to be a psychiatric nurse, and I trained in a special branch, called psychosocial nursing - it's linked to psychoanalysis, where we go around being very thoughtful about what we're doing and why!! As part of my role as a charge nurse, I would give teaching seminars to the nursing team, and one of my favourites was 'nurses and the caretaker dynamic'. In the seminar, I would talk about how people who become nurses, doctors, therapists etc, can get into a dynamic where 'taking care' of other people, (and which usually ends in burnout) can actually be an avoidance strategy/addiction for not dealing with, or taking responsibility for your own feelings/stuff/ wounds, just as you can use food, alcohol, drugs, sex as a way for avoiding these things. It's often a pattern that starts in childhood in dysfunctional families, where children can try and 'caretake' their parents, (who aren't doing very well) in the hope that they will receive better care. It was something that I recognised in myself , well let's see, around 20 years ago, and here it is popping up again; that old chestnut!!! ...but I can see that I haven't been giving the time for myself that I need, because I am preoccupied with my family, (or whatever else it is in the moment that I'm caretaking...) It's a hard thing to deal with for many of us, women especially are encouraged to self sacrifice, but ultimately it's not a strong thing to do, to collapse from self-neglect - because then you can't take care of anyone, can you?!!
I ask 'the Mary's' to help me with my 'caretaker' dynamic, and wash the beech in both springs here. Each time I wash the beech branch, I feel I am washing a little bit of my own difficulties and patterns away...

I walk to the last spring now, along Provstestræde (the little road above) - this is one of my favourite little roads, I am pretty sure a ley line runs along here, the energy is just delightful, and I love looking at the charming houses along here too..

Now I'm thinking about the positive sides to having Menieres. There's no known 'cure' or effective medical treatment, but reducing stress is thought to play a large part in having less attacks. So I am very mindful of how stressed I get, and take steps to keep my stress levels down with yoga, meditation, and walks (around the springs of course). Also I have felt under huge pressure to retrain, (my nursing qualification isn't accepted in Denmark). When Britain leaves the EU, I will become a non-EU citizen living in Denmark, and I can't actually fulfill all the requirements that I need to in order to live here, one of which is to have a full time job. It doesn't count for me to be self-employed (which I am). It is also next to impossible to gain full time work as a foreigner. I could write a long story about this, and all the problems that make this the case, but I won't drone on about it here. It doesn't make for happy reading. I have unhappily read cases of American women being deported after having moved here with their husbands work, (and bringing the kids too), and then being refused residency. Denmark now has the strictest immigration policy in the world. So this stress I have is not something light or imagined, because we originally moved to Denmark from the UK, because my danish (university lecturer) husband couldn't find work there. It is possible that the EU and the UK can make an agreement, (it's Oct 2018 now, and so far there is no deal.) In the case of no deal being made, when Britain leaves the EU in March 2019, I will technically be an illegal immigrant living in Denmark. 
But anyway, having Menieres has made it unrealistic for me to attempt retraining, (which would have been as either a health care assistant, or a nursery assistant, both 'unqualified' work, but all that is available to me), because I can't manage either the stress of learning (I can't hear properly out of my right ear, which makes it very hard for me to understand people talking danish fast), or the actual physical work that's required (I'm really not very suitable for work that requires hard labour, being nearly 50 and not that physically strong).... Anyway, because I am pretty much unemployable in denmark, I have been able to concentrate on work that I really love, (apart from the 2 and a half years I spent at language school studying to pass the 'Prøve i dansk 3') such as writing the springs guide....

On a happier note, here's 'the field' which is just in front of the Domkirke, and looks out over the fjord, and has medieval streets hidden beneath. Furthermore, it is an energetic centre of unbelievable amazingness with vortexes, portals, ley lines and all sorts of things all converging in this one space...

This picture tells about 'Munkevejen' which outlines the old pilgrims routes. Once upon a time, Roskilde was the centre of spirituality in Denmark, and many came on pilgrimage to the sacred springs, also there was a route towards Santiago. But there is a more ancient history than this - all along this part of the fjord are dysse and gravhøj (dolmens and burial mounds). I imagine that this has been a sacred part of the world for thousands of years, certainly I find the old ways, gods and goddesses, are very present in the land...

Here is the last spring, St. Hans kilde, which I experience as being overlighted by Sarah (you can read more about her here
It's a magickal and healing spring, and is at the same time very simple in it's healing qualities and very complex...

But here's a thing. While I was walking to get to the spring, I approached from behind - where you can see the fence over the top of the spring in the picture above, and I could hear a man talking loudly in danish, giving people a tour of the springs. He was talking about the old tradition of coming to the (St. Hans) kilde on St. Hans aften. (23rd. June) People would come to ask for healing, and sleep overnight. Then I heard him saying that you shouldn't put your faith in a spring to make you well again, and laughing. So this was what sounded like an 'official' guide, being a voice of authority, and denouncing and deriding the idea that a spring could be healing..
Wasn't that amazing though? I've visited this spring countless times and it was the day that I came on 'a healing walk' around the springs, that I heard that... No coincedence huh?! Spirit wanted me to hear that, to know how important it is that people like me and you bring a balance to people like that tour guide.
I think it's sad that we have lost our wisdom and understanding about healing, and what that actually is. And no, going to a spring is not something that can be substituted for seeing your doctor where you will generally get a tablet, treatment or medication. That's really not the point... But it makes me think that it's a good thing I've written my guide, because it matters, and it's important that we can give ourselves permission to have quiet time and contemplation, and to receive spiritual insight and healing from the springs. It's important that we don't rationalise these things away as being unworthy or ridiculous - they are just as important as everything else, and are just as important as anything else that's needed for a complete healing. 
I realise now that this is part of the pain in my heart, not just my personal difficulties, but what is 'out there', the attitudes in society, that don't recognise or understand people like me, and how painful that is to be 'not seen' or appreciated. When I was a nurse, I had alot of public approval, and now that I'm an energy healer and channel, well, you probably know how it is!! It's not easy, and is another thing that has to be dealt with in daily life.

So... I put my bracelet in the water, (you can see it lying there on the stones), to soak up any extra healing there is for me ... and I wash the beech in the water for any last letting go that I need to do. And I reflect over some of the insights I've had, (giving more to myself, seeing that the upside to getting Menieres is to stop pressurising myself, and instead use the skills and talents I do have, to do something I think is actually far more important).
Perhaps I'm doing alright after all?!! My heart feels much lighter...

Before I leave, I let myself go quiet for a moment, to see if there are any last insights for me, and I suddenly feel like the spring is a portal to Lyfjaberg, the mountain of healing (in the old nordic tales), and I feel like I'm sitting at the bottom of the mountain, with all of that incredible potential available when it's needed! I let myself absorb that impression, give thanks to the spring and walk away, lighter, happier, and full of wonder at the magic that exists in these sacred places. I honour them, I love them, and I hope you will too!!

On my way home, I realise in my excitement and wonder at suddenly sensing the mountain of healing, that I have left the beech branch behind. I feel momentary sadness, as I'd got attached to the little branch that was helping me, but I think it probably is for the best that I let it go, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Amen!!

Rachel Goodwin is a energy healer and channel, who works with the sacred earth energies, in and around Roskilde. If you would like to learn how to experience a healing journey yourself, then the full walk and healing exercises are included in the 'Sacred Springs of Roskilde' guide book.  
If you live in Roskilde itself, see here for further details, or contact Rachel for a discounted price on the guide.

For a deeper healing journey, Rachel will accompany you and facilitate your journey as healer, channel and guide. To see more about her work, go to


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