The Stellar Gateway Chakra

Well here they are, the Sacred Springs sprays from the newest essence I just made! The Stellar Gateway chakra portal is just to the right (and just out of sight) from this bench, but I thought it was so great that it has been painted gold!! (I mean, who paints a bench gold?! Well they do in Roskilde kommune, lol. Actually it was an art installation with a picture frame around it, but then they took the frame away, I like it best how it is now....) - but I think it’s great, because gold is the colour of the stellar gateway chakra!
If you haven’t heard of it before, this chakra is about 40cm (15 inches) above your head, and from this place you can fully access the guidance and inspiration that’s being given to you from your Higher Self. So a pretty useful thing to get in contact with! This chakra is 12th dimensional and is overseen by the Archangel Metatron. The opening of the Stellar Gateway facilitates communication with higher dimensional beings, and we can feel their presence and support.
In Roskilde we have what I call an ‘Ascension grid’. This is a network of earth energy and other interconnecting lines, that form to create different earth chakras and portals; these earth chakras are higher dimensional, and support us in our ascension process. A chakra point is a spinning spiral of energy, that carries a specific vibration of energy, and a portal is a doorway that connects to a different vibration of dimension. We know about chakras from our own energy systems that are in our bodies, and the earth also has chakras that spin at the same vibration as ours. This means that if we want to bring our energy body into alignment, we can go to, for example a place that vibrates with the energy of the root chakra, and ‘tune in’, and the sympathetic resonance pulls our chakra into the same vibration as the (more powerful chakra) we are standing in. Because earth chakras are exactly that, they have the added advantage of grounding us as well as being able to nourish, balance and harmonise our chakra system. Of course, you have to visit an earth chakra that is functioning well, (and not blocked or off balance,) and these are often found in or around well known power places.
In the town of Roskilde, the purity of the energy of the glacier melt water from the many springs (mostly) keeps the energy flows clear. (All power places need maintenance to be work optimally!)
We also have the advantage in the town that many of the ‘power points’, are within walking distance of each other!! (see my Sacred Springs guide for full details!
However, if you can’t make it here yourself, you can use the sprays that I’ve made to benefit from the towns Ascension grid. First by communing with the particular power places guardians and elementals, an vibrational essence is made. From this stock essence, I can make further bottles that will vibrate to the same energy - using pure water and a bit of vodka!! (this is a preservative for the water). Traditionally with the Bach rememedies, brandy was used, giving it it’s distinctive taste, but I like to keep the colour white!

How to use the sprays

Well, this is the easy part. Simply spray into your aura a good amount (maybe 6/7 sprays - or whatever you intuitively feel) around 3 times a day. This will temporarily ‘lift’ your vibrational energy up to the same level as the sprays vibration. As you do this regularly, it will start to shift and change your energy pattern.
The less easy part. It’s important to stay open to ‘whatever comes your way’, for example noticing whether there are any issues or patterns that are coming up, and then dealing with them (clearing, letting go, and doing transformation work). We have to take personal responsibility, and the spray assists the process, rather than does it for you - you still have to the work!! However, what it does is give you that ‘act of grace’ that can shift that last bit of something, so that you move onto the next level/ get your stellar gateway opened. If the work has been done, you should have used a whole bottle up within 3 weeks, and then the process can be completed in 2/3 months. (after you’ve made an energy shift of this type, is takes another 2 months or so for the whole process to complete, as your system takes this time to grow new pathways, and run new patterns of energy.)
Sometimes, after a break of 2/3 months, you’ll need another bottle - it just depends on ‘where you were’ when you started the process, and how much ‘clearing and shifting’ you personally need to do. We can only process so much at a time. Also working with the Stellar Gateway is something we usually come to, after we have balanced and cleared the chakras below (which acts as a foundation and support to the chakras above). Spiritual practices such as meditation or healing energies of some sort are a necessary part of chakra development, as is living a (fairly) balanced and healthy lifestyle, emotionally and physically.
You can order the spray from my Sarayei Etsy shop here


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